Client Testimonials

I was taken off HRT some years ago but continued to suffer from hot flushes, anxiety attacks and poor sleep. I was thrilled to discover Bareskin Beauty’s bio identical hormone serum which has really helped to reduce these symptoms and made me feel more like ‘my old self’. I would thoroughly recommend this product for anyone going through hormonal issues.

--Mary Binks--

I came to Juliette because I suddenly had bad skin for months after having clear skin all my life. Instead of advising me on what products to buy and how to change my skin care routine, Juliette focused entirely on diet. The lifestyle change has been totally welcome in my life! It feels very satisfying adapting my diet and seeing good results with my skin instead of buying more products. An outcome I had not expected was that Juliette helped me get off of a prescribed medication for period pains, which I had been taking for years and it was as simple as including vitamins, supplements and changing my diet!

--Helen Baranova--

Juliette came to my rescue in the midst of my awful morning sickness, nothing was working and after almost a month of vomiting I was at my wits end. I am a midwife and I was amazed at how wonderful her product is and the level of dedication and knowledge Juliette has. I highly recommend Bareskin Beauty

--Sophie Windsor--

I am now so pleased to say that my gum condition seems to have virtually disappeared. My gums no longer bleed and the bad breath has all but gone as well as feeling much healthier in myself. My skin has also "plumped up" which at 57 years of age is a very welcome bonus! I would have no hesitation whatsoever about recommending Juliette to anybody who suffers from an "incurable" autoimmune condition or if you just want to improve your overall health. This lady changes lives!

--Emma Denton--

6 years ago I was diagnosed with a genetic condition called haemochromatosis. I was told by the medical profession that I had to live with these symptoms... no chance I said.I’m finally enjoying food again and my other half has noticed a big difference in my mood swings and is very thankful he gets shouted at a lot less. I can’t recommend Juliette’s protocol enough.

--Gemma Webster--

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