Client Testimonials

I was taken off HRT some years ago but continued to suffer from hot flushes, anxiety attacks and poor sleep. I was thrilled to discover Bareskin Beauty’s bio identical hormone serum which has really helped to reduce these symptoms and made me feel more like ‘my old self’.

--Mary Binks--

Juliette helped me get off of a prescribed medication for period pains, which I had been taking for years and it was as simple as including vitamins, supplements and changing my diet!

--Helen Baranova--

Juliette came to my rescue in the midst of my awful morning sickness, nothing was working and after almost a month of vomiting I was at my wits end. I am a midwife and I was amazed at how wonderful her product is and the level of dedication and knowledge Juliette has.

--Sophie Windsor--

Thanks to Juliette my gum condition seems to have virtually disappeared. Now I have no bleeding gums or bad breath and I feel much healthier in myself. My skin has also "plumped up" which at 57 years of age. A very welcome bonus! This lady changes lives!

--Emma Denton--

I was told by the medical profession that I had to live with my symptoms from haemochromatosis but thanks to Juliette I’m finally enjoying food again and my other half has noticed a big difference in my mood swings and is very thankful he gets shouted at a lot less.

--Gemma Webster--

After 5 days my mood lifted, I was sleeping better, my head was clear, by the first month I had lost 9lb but had not once felt hungry, after 2 months I noticed that I smiled more and laughed more.

--Jane Cullinan--

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