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Bareskin Beauty recommends that you experience the unique combination of frequency therapy and natural science of Somavedic, an EMF mitigation device and product of the bioresonance and frequency therapy. For home and office. 

My daughter fondly refers to it as the Mother Ship. Somavedic has been scientifically proven to:

1. Reducing Effects Of Mobile Phone Radiation

Evaluating the influence of the radiation of a commercially available current mobile phone on cell regeneration/wound healing of connective tissue fibroblasts, and the formation of superoxide anion radical of functional neutrophils in the course of an oxidative burst. Moreover, how Somavedic Medic Amber might be able to reduce the cellular effects of mobile phone radiation.

2. Positive Effects On Cardiovascular And Nervous System

Collaboration to develop smart therapeutical equipment in the frame of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM) approach. Measuring BP, calmness and stress levels, and sleep.

3. Improved Heart Rate Variability, Circulation And Internal Balance

Testing of the Somavedic Medic device and its protective effect on our bodies `when exposed to electromagnetic radiation (from smartphones, Wi-Fi, etc) by measuring heart rate variability (HRV) as a diagnostic system for the testing.

4. Significant Improvement Of Sedimentation

Examination of an effect of Somavedic Medic device in relation to the stress of EMF using analysis of blood cells in darkfield by exposing test subjects to the Somavedic field for 90min.

To find out more about Somavedic visit their website Somavedic UK and get 10% discount on your purchase by using code SOMA50 at the checkout.

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