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Nutrition & Wellbeing

Reclaim your health and vitality by booking an appointment for one of our consultations. Our consultations are available remotely as we understand that the constraints of daily life are difficult enough. Join Juliette for a wellbeing consultation and delve into your unique physiology from a holistic perspective and uncover the root causes of your imbalances. Your wellness, radiant skin and balance to the body and mind is Juliette's mission.

Conscious Conception

Are you pregnant or planning a family?

This is probably the most important time of your life. Your future household will be filled with love, laughter and greater purpose.

So why not give your baby the most precious gift of all, optimum health.

Your baby will acquire their gut flora and the beginnings of their immune system at the moment of birth, when they go through the birth canal. If you have a depleted or imbalanced gut flora, this will pass to your child from the very beginning of its life.

Conceiving and gestating a healthy baby takes all of the reserves of strength and energy your body can obtain. Your body has an innate intelligence as to sustaining life. If your body does not sense it is ready to be pregnant, it may try to block your efforts.

Our babies are built at the cellular level from their mothers therefore our nutrition during pregnancy is paramount for our baby’s health and development.

As a mother I know how painstaking it can be to see your baby or child sick and as a nutritionist I know how important it is to ensure your body is prepared for the journey of pregnancy. Let me teach you the art of Conscious Conception and provide you with the knowledge and tools to empower you to have a healthy, bouncing baby and a stress and complication free pregnancy.

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Skin Care

Skin Consultations

Juliette Scarfe is a pioneering skin nutritionist and leading expert in treating complex skin conditions by identifying the underlying nutritional imbalances and deficiencies that are responsible for the condition.

She achieves this by 'reading' your skin and analysing internal and external factors. Passionate about treating the cause and not simply the symptoms, she is able to help heal many conditions previously believed 'incurable' saying, 'I believe the human body has the most incredible capacity for healing, all it needs is the correct stimulus.'

If you are suffering from Acne, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne Rosacea, Dermatitis, Scarring, Sun-Damage or Pigmentation Juliette would love to help you restore your happy and healthy skin.

Juliette has also successfully treated children’s conditions including: birthmarks, ringworm, skin tags, fungal infections, chicken pox, mumps, measles, scarring, eczema, psoriasis, acne and dermatitis.

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Much more than award winning beauty care products, our skincare feeds the skin with plant based micro and macro nutrients for happy, healthy and radiant skin – every day. Using 100% plant based ingredients so naturally pure, they are edible. Each ingredient is bursting with beneficial nutrients to transform the health of your skin and slow down the ageing process. Free from cruelty, allergens and chemicals.

Get your glow back with skin food that feels good and does good. Made with love by hand in micro batches for ultra-freshness, potency and efficacy. Whether its haircare, skincare or personal hygiene you need we are sure you will love our products.

To view our full range of delicious SkinFood.

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Bareskin Bespoke

Is there a product that you would like but you cannot source naturally?

Is there a specific illness or issue you have and would like to treat it effectively and naturally?

Juliette formulates bespoke wellness and health products specifically for clients designed to meet their needs. Examples of issues that Juliette’s formulations address include eczema, rosacea, collagen loss, lichen planus, asthma, depression, gut issues, fatigue, hair loss, menopause, morning sickness ……. Why not make an appointment for a FREE mini consultation call with Juliette to discuss your needs one to one.

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