Celery: The Miracle Juice To Detox and Regenerate Your Body from the Inside Out

Celery: The Miracle Juice To Detox and Regenerate Your Body from the Inside Out

In my experience the quickest and simplest way to rebuild the health of your digestive system is to drink celery juice each and every day. As with all natural solutions, be patient, the effects are profound; they may take a couple of weeks to manifest.

Celery juice is a superfood that many do not know about. It’s bursting with nutrition and positive effects for the whole body and brain. Packed with enzymes, that significantly speed up the rate of virtually every chemical reaction that occurs within each cell. Enzymes are vital for life and serve a wide range of important functions in the body, such as aiding in digestion and metabolism

Celery also has powerful electrolyte enhancing properties drink celery juice each day to restore vital minerals that are lost overnight through respiration and sweat. An electrolyte is a substance that conducts electricity when dissolved in water. Our bodies are filled with an electrolyte solution that fills in the space between our cells. Our cells use electrolytes to carry electrical impulses across themselves for the benefit of brain function, nerve impulses and muscle contractions. Celery can make you smarter and improve your memory by increasing electrical function in the brain. Do you experience cramps or twitches in any muscle? Celery juice (over time) can effectively resolve this issue for good.

Celery juice improves your digestion and ensures that you extract nutrients efficiently from the food you eat – for the benefit of your body and mind. If you experience bloating, gas, discomfort, undigested foods or issues digesting fats, celery is a superhero in supporting your liver, gallbladder and GI tract.

My favourite celery skill is its ability to increase your gut’s hydrochloric acid so your body can efficiently break down and assimilate what you eat. Our stomach can only break down and extract nutrients from food, if the stomach is acidic enough. If not, then large particles of food end up undigested in our intestines, where they cause congestion and inflammation. A happy gut = a happy body and mind. Inflammation then leads to higher cholesterol as our body increases its own natural antioxidant to neutralise inflammation. Remove the underlying inflammation; you naturally reduce the high cholesterol.