The Best Way To Prepare To Fight Any Virus

The Best Way To Prepare To Fight Any Virus

The best way to prepare to fight any virus is by building your immunity via your gut.  80% of our immune system is in our gut and so keeping our gut's bacteria happy confers health and wellbeing.  

The best immune builders are prebiotics (indigestible fibre):-

Lacto Fermented Foods

Vitamin D & K2


Bone Broth

Raw Milk 


Zinc is an essential trace element that's found and used by every cell throughout your body.  This critical metal is only needed in tiny amounts, but if you don't get enough zinc, your health will suffer.  Your body relies on zinc for growth, maintenance and numerous biological functions – including hormone creation.  More than that, zinc is a major boost to your immune system, especially when partnered with vitamin D3, K2 and vitamin C or any other potent antioxidant.

We all know Vitamin D (the sunshine hormone) is essential to our health, but most people in the Northern hemisphere are highly deficient in vitamin D3, especially we enter into spring.  Vitamin D can modulate your innate and adaptive immune responses making you more resilient to any form of infection.

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient and potent antioxidant, making it ideal for boosting your natural immunity.  Ascorbic acid is not vitamin C.  Make sure you find a whole food source that has bioflavonoids.  Vitamin C contributes to immunity through assisting cellular functions of both the innate and adaptive immune system.  It also supports our skin as the first line of defence against airborne pathogens.

Drinking bone broth is a nourishing and delicious way to boost your immunity.   Collagen and amino acids found in animal bones and bone marrow are the building blocks of the body.  Glycine in particular soothe and strengthen the gut and central nervous system, which allows for enhanced digestion and the optimal break down and assimilation of nutrients from food.

Another vital point is to reduce stress and anxiety during these uncertain times.  Adrenaline and cortisol (the fight or flight hormones) actually suppress immune function and digestion.  Go for a walk and pick some fresh nettle (from the upper leaves) and make tea, drink throughout the day to calm and soothe both the nervous system and digestive system with anti inflammatory phytochemicals found in the leaves.